Georgii Kesaev is a sports manager. He is the founder of Firld, a sports company based in New York.

He graduated from the Friedrich Schiller University Jena with a Master of Science in Economics.

Georgii Kesaev is prominent for his Firld software, which changes the sports industry by bringing innovative technology to sportsmen worldwide, covering multiple sports disciplines.

He also launched WreStats, a unique project in Olympic wrestling, offering innovative tools for analyzing the performance of professional athletes.

Georgii is an Ambassador for the LongoMatch company, making the industry of sports performance analysis better.

Providing a wide range of services, including scientifically supported sports data solutions that can help sports professionals and organizations better plan for the future.

  • Sports Management
  • Performance Analysis
  • Football Scouting
  • Sports Marketing¬†
  • Player Valuation

He has been featured in a variety of news outlets around the world (thrive global,, and more).

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